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Grounded: How to Get in The Sandbox


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The Sandbox is dangerous but has valuable resources for fans to discover. Accordingly, Grounded players have multiple options to get into this biome.

Introduced in the Hot and Hazy Update, the Sandbox is a biome in Grounded located in the lower western portion of the Backyard. This biome is a zone for experienced survivors and those prepared for a challenging expedition. The Sandbox features lethal creatures such as the Wolf Spider and Antlion, the biome’s primary and most dangerous insect threat. However, it is not only the hostile wildlife in Grounded that poses a danger to those who venture into this massive pit of sand.

Sandbox is afflicted with a zone debuff known as the Sizzle Effect. This status effect functions similarly to the gas of the Haze and will slowly burn players under the sun’s heat. Fortunately, the Sizzle Effect does not affect survivors during nighttime, sunset, or dawn. However, players will still need to deal with the horde of Antlions that reside in the area. Moreover, standing beneath shade or in water can negate this Thirst-draining debuff in Grounded.


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To get in the Sandbox in Grounded, players have three primary options. First, they can travel through the dangerous Black Anthill in the Trash Heap. On the other hand, adventurers can repair the premade Zipline on top of the Picnic Table using Silk Rope ×12. Finally, survivors can instead choose to build up an elevated structure in Grounded to reach the biome from the ground floor. However, this method will take a massive amount of time and resources. Therefore, it is recommended that fans choose a different option.

Getting Into The Sandbox In Grounded

Grounded How to Get in The Sandbox

The Zipline is likely the best and most straightforward way to reach the Sandbox in Grounded. Furthermore, it provides a permanent means to enter the biome at any time. To get on top of the Picnic Table, knock over the nearby shovel on the southeastern side of the table. Next, collect Silk Rope ×12 to finish the Zipline on the top. Silk Rope is a Tier-2 resource crafted using Web Fiber refined at a Spinning Wheel. Web Fiber can be obtained by hunting arachnid creatures, like Orb Weavers, Spiderlings, or Diving Bell Spiders in Grounded.

The other method is by trekking through the underground tunnels of the Black Anthill in the Trash Heap, found in the southeastern corner of the Backyard. As one might expect, the anthill is swarming with Black Ants, which are much more challenging than their Red Ant counterparts. Therefore, be prepared to battle through the insect-built passageways. Moreover, players will need to understand the maze-like layout of the Black Anthill if they plan to use it as a route to enter and leave the Sandbox.

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Grounded is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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