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How to Kill Or Save Max in The Quarry


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There are a number of ways that Max can die in The Quarry, but players must make many careful decisions to keep him alive at the need of the game.

The Quarry is full of life-threatening decisions for players to make about its characters, including how to either save or kill Max. Max is one of two characters in The Quarry that is included in the prologue of the game, alongside another prominent character named Laura. While the decisions in the prologue seem impactful to the story overall, players can choose whether or not Laura saves Max and it has no effect on the game at large, though it will prompt Max to have negative feelings towards Laura if she chooses to abandon him as he’s dragged off.

Max is actually one of the characters that can die in The Quarry who is more difficult to save, primarily because so many factors determine his survival. In fact, it may actually be easier for players to accidentally have Max killed rather than saved because of the number of choices that have to be made in order to ensure his survival. There are four chapters where the right decisions have to be made, specifically, otherwise, Max will die.


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The four chapters where players must make the right decisions in order to save Max are Chapters 5, 7, 9, and 10. Failing to make any of the correct decisions in these chapters will result in a chain of events that will get Max killed, regardless of any further decisions that players make. Fortunately, if players want to save everyone in The Quarry, these decisions won’t impact any of the other characters negatively either.

How To Save Max in The Quarry

How To Save Max in The Quarry
  • Chapter 5: In Chapter 5, keep Kaitlyn, Nick, and Abi safe by not shooting the ceiling of the radio tower. Next, prevent Dylan from turning into a werewolf by selecting the Desperate and Chainsaw options to cut off his hand.
  • Chapter 7: While speaking to Travis in Chapter 7, choose the Compliant and Do not call for help options. After Laura escapes the cell, inspect the third-floor locker to get the syringe. Next, return to the cell and hide the syringe, then don’t have Laura grab the gun so that she sedates him instead of shooting him.
  • Chapter 9: While Laura is transformed and is attacking Travis in Chapter 9, which can lead to many endings in The Quarry, players need to select the QTE that results in Ryan shooting Chris. This will break Laura and Max’s curse, and since the syringe was used in Chapter 7 Laura won’t be stabbed by Travis when she returns. This will ultimately lead to Max’s survival.
  • Chapter 10: With the curse broken from Chapter 9, Max can roam around the forest looking for Laura. At the docks, keep Max alive by not jumping in the water.

How To Kill Max in The Quarry

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As mentioned, Max can be killed by not making any of the aforementioned decisions. The first three chapters mentioned will lead to events that cause Max’s death, but Chapter 10 has a direct way for Max to die. Specifically, if Max swims in the water Caleb will rip out his throat, effectively ending his life The Quarry.

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The Quarry is now available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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