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To Be The Man #31: Starrcade 1987- Ric Flair vs Ron Garvin cage match


In This episode Ric and Conrad talk about Survivor Series 2022, Ric’s documentary, MJF as champ and oh yeah they watch STARRCADE 1987.

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00:00 To Be The Man #31: Starrcade 1987
00:25 Wrestling and Thanksgiving
01:35 MJF is CHAMP
03:23 The ELITE in Chicago
06:09 Flair at RAW XXX
08:24 Ricky Steamboat’s last match
10:45 Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett
12:18 Cain Velasquez is BACK
14:44 Ric Flair is CAST
20:12 BREAK SaveWithConrad.com
21:50 “Sabotage Starrcade”
27:25 WHEN does the Doc come out?
28:36 Garvin is STIFF
32:11 The Criticism of Ron Garvin being CHAMP
35:02 Blood in Wrestling
36:14 FAN QUESTION: Was anyone else discussed as Champion
37:28 No Blood?
38:51 MOVING Starrcade
39:52 Survivor Series 2022
41:20 Can’t Stand Ohio State
43:18 DID Ricky Morton decline a world title run?
43:56 Match Finish
44:38 Ric Flair’s FOURTH title run
47:01 Talent leaving JCP
49:44 BREAK TitleMatchNetwork.com
51:22 WHERE is Ric Flair for Thanksgiving?
52:06 Flair LOST his wallet in Las Vegas
53:11 Survivor Series 2022 PREVIEW
55:35 WHO will win the Royal Rumble?
58:17 College Football
59:37 BREAK Wooooo Wings
01:00:50 OUTRO


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